The following real estate transfers were recorded between June 3-9, 2020:

600 East 21st Street, Jacob Steele to Kimberly and Joshua Lester, $99,900

718 Cedar Street, Brenda Shock to Wesley Hardin, $45,000

1129 Carter Road, Laura Feldpausch to Holly Holdway, $90,000

1718 Lock Avenue, Sandra Price and Jeffrey and Samantha Daugherty to April Ziemer and Martha Payne, $8,000

7206 Donald Avenue, Christopher and Crystal Purcell to Dylan Smalling, $114,000

5196 Wayne Bridge Road, Casey Thomas-Hardesty and Benjamin Hardesty to Patricia and Daniel Campbell, $90,000

6445 Valley Brook Trace, Sherman and Cheryl Cook to Connor and Alexis Quin, $175,000

2916 Christie Place, The Flippin Leepers LLC to Lloyd and Abigail Hughart, $144,100

11107 KY-764, Kenneth and Alice Morris to Savannah Mills and Dakota Morgan, $60,000

620 Carol Stream, Felicia Harper to Dorothy and Todd Carpenter, $106,250

2320 Platinum Place, Brock and Cassie Johnson to Logan and Heather Vanover, $221,400

2275 Westerfield Drive, John and Imogene Flemming to Donald Brown, $60,000

1000 Walnut Street, Mark Payne to Jerry and Virginia Bailey, $47,000

4044 Kensington Place, Arthur and Jane Stewart to Robert and Barbara Metcalf, $236,000

1707 East 19th Street, David and Sarah Stepp to Keila Coomer, $99,500

2226 West 7th Street, Pamela Johnson to Joel White, $5,000

6920 KY-56, Mary Kaelin to Brian and Theresa Wethington, $150,000

3857 South Griffith Avenue, Paul Martin Builders Inc. to Betty Armenderez, $230,000

615 Owen Court, Stanford Court LLC to Jacob and Shelby Murphy, $135,000

2127 Clinton Place West, Gregory Leach to Christal Thomson and Christian Beebe, $163,000

4618 Iron Circle, Jewell Goodman to Carrico Congleton Property LLC, $125,000

6667 Ditto Road, Robert and Marion Davis to Jacob and Sallie Anderson, $306,000

1927 Sheridan Place, Donald and Mary Cinnamond to David Lockard, $261,000

3952 Wood Trace, Jeff and Betty Taylor to Robert and Marian Davis, $308,000

1520 Griffith Avenue, James and Carolyn Kassinger to John and Julie Moore, $1,200,000

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