Daviess County put together a big team effort to win the City-County Swim Championship on Saturday.

DC scored 267 points overall at the Owensboro Healthpark. Owensboro Catholic was second with 232 points overall. Owensboro High School had 182 points and Apollo had 146.

DC broke a 6-year winning streak by Owensboro Catholic for the overall City-County title.

DC’s boys had 140 points with Catholic scoring 117 for second. Apollo had 77 points, OHS had 69.

DC’s girls scored 127 points while Catholic edged OHS 115-113 for second. Apollo scored 69 points.

The close scoring was an indicator of how evenly matched the teams were coming in to the City-County.

“It was honestly even coming in,” said John Mark Griffin, DC’s coach. “We had no idea what was going to happen. It was a team effort. We’ve been really consistent, getting a lot of practice in. We’re happy and we’re surprised.”

Ben Robinson (100 freestyle, 55.26; 100 breaststroke 1:11.95) and Trevor Church (500 freestyle, 5:13.33) were individual winners for DC’s boys, but a lot of its scoring came from lower places.

It was much the same for DC’s girls, who had Nya Hammons (100 freestyle, 1:00.12) and Kayedon Mattingly (100 backstroke, 1:06.69) as individual winners.

The male Swimmer of the Year was Cort Hobelmann from Catholic. Hobelmann, Jack Raymer from Owensboro Catholic, and Robinson from Daviess County all scored 18 points in the meet.

“They were ready for this meet, they did their jobs, they’ve had very successful high school careers,” Catholic coach Erica Crabtree said of Hobelmann and Raymer.

Jude Pickerill (Owensboro), Trevor Church (Daviess County), Luke Mallot (Apollo), Miller Bowman (OHS), Ely Dych (Apollo), Gave Neves (DC) and Benjamin Johnson (Catholic) were also on the boys’ City-County team.

Addison Callis from Owensboro was the female Swimmer of the Year. OHS teammate Abby Warren scored 18 points along with Callis.

Callis and Warren are both keys on the 200 medley relay, which won in 1:57.87 with Kara Bane Luckett and Sydney Cundiff also swimming.

“Abby had the swim of the meet in the 50 backstroke, which is helpful to the relay, it was encouraging to see the time she put up, it was her best by two seconds,” OHS coach Brad Schmied said. “Abby and Addison are where they need to be. The relays are looking pretty good right now.”

Mattingly (Daviess County), Mary Kate Hayden (Catholic), Kara Bane Luckett (OHS), Amelia Hampton (Catholic), Reese Wethington (Apollo), Avery Krahwinkel (DC) and Hammons (DC) were also on the girls’ City-County team.


Saturday’s results


200 medley relay: 1-Owensboro 1:57.87.

200 freestyle: 1-Abby Warren (OHS) 2:07.62.

200 IM: 1-Mary Kate Hayden (Catholic) 2:31.33.

50 freestyle: 1-Kara Bane Luckett (OHS) 27.07.

1 meter diving: 1-Georgia Warren (OHS) 284.55.

100 butterfly: 1-Amelia Hampton (Catholic) 1:19.44.

100 freestyle: 1-Abby Warren (OHS) 56.10.

500 freestyle: 1-Addison Callis (OHS) 5:49.50.

200 freestyle relay: 1-OHS 1:51.6.

100 backstroke: 1-Kayedon Mattingly (DC) 1:06.69.

100 breaststroke: 1-Addison Callis (OHS) 1:11.71.

400 freestyle relay: 1-Daviess County 4:24.44.


200 medley relay: 1-Owensboro Catholic 1:51.27.

200 freestyle: 1-Jack Raymer (Catholic) 1:52.82.

200 IM: 1-Cort Hobelmann (Catholic) 1:57.42.

50 freestyle: 1-Jude Pickerill (OHS) 26.18.

100 butterfly: 1-Jack Raymer (Catholic) 56.92.

100 freestyle: 1-Ben Robinson (Daviess County) 55.26.

500 freestyle: 1-Trevor Church (DC) 5:13.33.

200 freestyle relay: 1-Owensboro Catholic 1:49.59.

100 backstroke: 1-Cort Hobelmann (Catholic) 52.87.

100 breaststroke: 1-Ben Robinson (Catholic) 1:11.95.

400 freestyle relay: 1-Daviess County 3:40.04.

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