GREENVILLE — Both Daviess County’s boys and girls put in strong runs to win team championships in the Class 3-A, Region 1 Cross Country Meet.

The Lady Panthers had five runners finish in the top seven to score 21 points on Saturday at Muhlenberg County East Campus. McCracken County was second with 92 points.

Daviess County’s boys had five runners in the top nine to score 40 points and win the championship. Muhlenberg County was second with 91 points.


McCracken County’s Maggie Aydt dominated individually, winning in 18:45.85. EA Roberts from Daviess County was second in 19:23.35.

Ainsley Taylor was third (19:43.33), Emily Rempe was fourth (19:53.84), Elli Crabtree was fifth (19:56.38) and Katelyn Ahart was seventh (20:06.44).

DC coach Mark Fortney was paying attention to how close the top seven runners finished together.

“We had everybody in the top seven, anytime you can do that you’re running well,” Fortney said. “Anytime you put five girls around 20 minutes you’re going to have a good team result.”

“That’s what we’ve been working on the past few weeks, closing that gap, one through five, one through seven,” said Avery Heath, who was 10th for DC (20:34.17).

Close competition in practices has helped DC get stronger heading toward the State Meet next week.

“We’re beating each other in practice every day,” Taylor said. “That’s what makes us a good team, we’re pushing each other.”

“Coach has been really telling us, get the girl in front of us, keep your eyes up, get the girl in front,” Ahart said.

DC wanted to chase Aydt a little more from the start.

“I wanted our top group to go after the number one girl a little bit earlier, but they let her get away a little bit,” Fortney said. “She’s good.”

Apollo’s girls were sixth with 172 points and also qualified for the state meet. Ahmira Pickett was 20th to lead Apollo (22:21). Abby Rummage (27th, 22:58), Natalie Winfield (36th, 23:26), Adyson Mattingly (38th, 23:47), and Carolyn Ashby (51st, 25:22) also scored for Apollo.

Muhlenberg County was eighth (186 points). Kendra Walker (26th, 22:56) and Rachel Free (33rd, 23:15) led Muhlenberg County. Allie Culbertson (39th, 23:50), Mallory Wilson (43rd, 24:29), and Kennedy Clark (45th, 24:36) also scored for Muhlenberg.

Owensboro was ninth (212 points). Kiley Palmer (19th, 22:20) and Ashley Colburn (23rd, 22:34) led OHS. Both Palmer and Colburn qualify for the state meet as individuals.

Kayla Davison (52nd, 25:23), Abby Ladwig (57th, 25:45), and Kiana November (61st, 26:53) also scored for OHS.


Daviess County took off fast, which might not have been the best idea considering what happened over the last mile.

“Our seventh guy, he went out 5:16, that’s pretty hot, and we paid for it in the second half,” Fortney said. “We looked good through a mile and three quarters, but we struggled that last mile. Sometimes you’ve got to take those risks. That’s just kind of getting bit from going out a little bit too fast. You learn from it.”

Alex Adams was DC’s top finisher in fifth (16:26.61) and Brady Terry was sixth (16:42.81). Justin Shelton was eighth (16:59.77), Nolan Kurz was ninth (17:06.10) and Bryson McGary was 12th (17:20.46).

“We put in some solid training the last two weeks, so we were a little tired today,” Adams said. “Our pack wasn’t as tight as we wanted, but overall it was a good win. We’ve had some great workouts.”

Jackson Watts from Madisonville-North Hopkins was the individual winner in 15:14.96. Chase Atkins from Hopkinsville was second (15:25.25).

The top area individual finisher was Thomas Ashby from Apollo in third place (16:20.36).

“He’s been battling some IT band issues,” Apollo coach Charlie Shoulta said. “He didn’t even run his first race until September 19. We have him on a very structured, very low stress workout.”

Apollo qualified as a team in fifth (155 points). Nicholas Szemethy was seventh for Apollo (16:57.40). Josh Thomas (35th, 18:17.48), Austin King (52nd, 19:33.69), and Ethan Bell (58th, 20:28.02) also scored for Apollo.

Muhlenberg County was second as a team with 91 points. Landon Harper led Muhlenberg County in 11th (17:16.73). Bryce Revo was 14th (17:26.14), Jake Strader was 16th (17:26.95), Grant Mefford was 24th (17:45.53) and Stetson Childress was 26th (17:52.50) for Muhlenberg County.

Owensboro was ninth (226 points). Nathanael Turner (21st, 17:39) and Adrian Askin (25th, 17:45) were the top finishers for OHS, and they both qualify for the state meet.

Jacob Coleman (47th, 19:21), Will Wilson (64th, 21:33), and Dylan Fulkerson (69th, 22:25) also scored for OHS.

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