Friday's entries

FIRST RACE 11/16 miles

1-Archangel Rose Camacho

2-Jingle Me This Sutherland

3-Midnight Joker Gazader

4-Bode's Maker Cohen

5-Manace the Dennis Beschizza

6-Sage Master Court

7-Chasingthegame Baze

8-Homefortheweekend Lanerie


1-Sergeant McNerney Johnson

2-Charles T Baze

3-Stack Em High Carroll

4-Home It Tiz Hill

5-Lighthouse Point Castanon

6-Alex's Heights Mena

7-Pain in the Arch Graham

8-Gran Red Hernandez

THIRD RACE 6 furlongs

1-Lunar Approach Gazader

2-Mischief Galore Graham

3-Evil Ways Hernandez

4-Into Trouble Lanerie

5-Good Move Baze

6-Waki Patriot Sutherland

FOURTH RACE 7 furlongs

1-Shakes Creek Geroux

2-He's No Bull Baze

3-Undercover Lover Graham

4-Lngtermrelationship Rocco

5-Carrier Landing Lanerie

6-Jacktastic Bridgmohan

7-Tapitor Cohen

FIFTH RACE 51/2 furlongs

1-Shippingport Lanerie

2-Souper Dormy Carroll

3-Hillbilly Deluxe Beschizza

4-High Esteem Morales

5-Da Gold Room Hill

6-Soldier Field Baze

7-Automate Graham

8-Paynter Party Chuan

SIXTH RACE 6 furlongs

1-Dingdingdingding Graham

2-Pat Daddy Cohen

3-Homeview Beschizza

4-Griff Lanerie

5-Park Ridge Benny Carroll

6-Ceeky Baze

7-Tres Equis Mena

8-Bajan Cash Hill

SEVENTH RACE 51/2 furlongs

1-Time On Target Graham

2-Coltonator Lanerie

3-Crawl From the Bar Cohen

4-Spirogyra Mena

5-Sekondi Gazader

6-Valycove Hernandez

7-Gareeq Geroux

8-Vogt Baze

9-Bump Bailey Morales

10-Milk Chocolate Rocco

AE-Joyful Heart Beschizza

AE-Amani's Kitten Ulloa


1-Champions Tale Geroux

1A-Lemon's Medaglia Baze

2-Baby Seal Graham

2B-Final Cut Elliott

3-Letters to Belle Borel

4-Web ' Gold Hernandez

5-Temperit Mena

6-Still Here Hill

7-Small Moment Lanerie

8-Sweetest Beschizza

9-Runway Starlet Court

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