The venerable Worth Insurance Group/Chick-Fil-A Greater Owensboro Junior Golf Series wrapped up its 14th season on Monday in stirring fashion with the Northern Series Championship at Owensboro Country Club.

"It was a great year for us," said event founder and director Mark Price. "From a participation standpoint, in particular, it was a special year for us. Our participation was above last year, and it's great to see the interest is still there.

"Golf still has a great future in this area and seeing all these young people out on the course in force is very encouraging."

The GO Series featured 16 events this summer, and Price believes that will be a good number to stay at in 2020.

"We're fully loaded right now -- we're at the max," said Price, who received administrative assistant for local events this season from Brescia golfers Emily Lyons and Daniel Steele. "Physically, this is the toughest year I've had, and I've really appreciated the help from Emily and Daniel. They do a great job.

"I believe 16 events in a 61/2-week period is probably where this event should stay. We've had great turnouts at nearly all our events, and I'm just very grateful for the participation and for the participating golf courses that make this a reality. It takes a lot of people working together to make it happen."

Northern Series tour championships were decided Monday, and former Daviess County High School star Jesse Holton, of Philpot, emerged as the winner of the boys' 16-18 Championship division in 2019.

"This is just too fun -- I had to come back," said Holton, who has elected not to attend college but will instead begin training to become a full-time firefighter. "I wasn't in preparation for a high school season this time, so there was definitely a lot less pressure playing this time. I just went out there and had fun playing golf,

"My driver was a key club for me this season. It kind of carried me through the whole way."

Kenna Newsome of Henderson was the tour champion in the girls' 16-18 Championship division.

Braden Whistle of Philpot, meanwhile, was 2019 tour champion in the boys' 13-15 Championship division.

"It means a lot to win this," said Whistle, a rising sophomore at DCHS. "There are a lot of good golfers out here and it's great to be able to come out on top.

"I use the Go Series to prepare for the high school season, and I was able to get my swing straightened out this summer, so that gives me a lot of confidence as I prepare for what's ahead of me."

Holly Holton of Philpot, youngster sister of Jesse, won the tour title in the girls' 13-15 Championship division.

"I'm really happy about my summer," Holton said. "Before this year I felt like I hadn't reached my full potential, but I came out more relaxed this year and played better than I ever have before.

"My driver wasn't great, so I usually hit my 3-wood off the tee. My iron play, though, has been a lot better this summer."

Other male age-division tour champions are Madisonville's Dreaw Lewis (13-15, 9 holes), Owensboro's Jax Malone (11-12, 9 holes), Bowling Green's Johnny Brown (9-10, 6 holes), and Madisonville's Will Burden (8-and-under, 3 holes).

Other female age-division tour champions are Owensboro's Mary Ann Lyons (13-15, 9 holes), Owensboro's Alexa Salamah (11-12, 9 holes), and Hardinsburg's Adelynn Moorman (9-10, 6 holes).

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Mark has done a wonderful job for a long, long time with this series. I know I appreciate what it did for my daughter and I'm sure there are many others like me. Thanks Mark.

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