The Daniel Pitino Shelter will feature several Owensboro area professional motorcycle racers in its annual fundraiser on July 18.

The event is called Winner's Circle Owensboro and will go from 5:30-8 p.m. at Brescia University's Moore Center.

Roger Lee Hayden, Nick McFadden, JD Beach, Hayden Gillim and Jake Lewis will be the five racers who are headlining the event, which is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Pitino Shelter.

Hayden's family has had a long relationship with the Pitino Shelter, and his sister, Kathleen Hayden McFadden, is on the board of directors. Former MotoGP world champion Nicky Hayden, who died in Italy in 2017 after a bicycle training accident, was a leading supporter of the shelter. There are plans to build housing across from the Pitino Shelter that will be named the Nicky Hayden Apartments.

"Not only is my sister involved, it's the whole family," Roger said. "Our Uncle Rick passed away a few years ago, he was really involved with the Pitino Shelter. It's a good feeling to be able to give back."

Kathleen had a big part in putting this event together.

"She has been the one instrumental in communicating with the guys," said Kathy Wright, the Pitino Shelter board chairman.

McFadden worked with the racers to coordinate schedules of when they could be in Owensboro together for an event. For example, Beach, Gillim and McFadden are at Laguna Seca in California getting ready for races this weekend. Beach is on the MotoAmerica Superbike circuit.

Roger Hayden retired from MotoAmerica racing last summer. He said this group, which rides and practices together locally, wants to help the shelter for homeless individuals and families.

"They were needing somebody come in, and my sister thought it would be cool to make it about some of the local motorcycle racing guys," Hayden said. "We talked to the boys, and they were super excited to jump on board and help out.

"Owensboro shows us a lot of love, this would be our way of giving back. The Pitino Shelter let us pick the date, we found days everybody was in town, it came together pretty quickly."

The fundraiser is sponsored by Independence Bank and Owensboro Grain. The shelter has gone through some cuts in funding, and Wright said it is looking to get the entire community involved with helping raise more money.

There are sponsorship tables at different price levels and a limited number of individual seats going for $25 each.

For more information, call the Pitino Shelter at (270) 688-9000 or visit

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