John Calipari came out of the post-Evansville bunker Sunday to take a look ahead to the University of Kentucky's next basketball game.

It will be Monday against Utah Valley in Rupp Arena.

The Wildcats shouldn't be ranked No. 1 anymore when they meet Utah Valley, and Evansville was the reason.

UE, coached by Walter McCarty, a former key player for the 1996 UK national championship team, came to Rupp Arena on Tuesday and got out with a 67-64 win that was an early rocker for the college basketball world.

UE went in significant rotation on ESPN SportsCenter, while UK went back to what Tyrese Maxey said was "the lab."

That was the practice gym and workout room, where UK looked to try and build more toughness and intensity.

When Calipari met with the media on Sunday afternoon in Lexington, he explained that he probably didn't take Evansville as seriously as he needed to, along with his team.

"I didn't think we'd have that much of a struggle with those guys," Calipari said. One major problem was he team followed his lead. The long Tuesday night was an alarm clock for Calipari, along with the Wildcats.

In diagnosing the loss to UE, Calipari said the team had some breakdowns that come with fatigue. UK was short on its rotations because EJ Montgomery was missing completely with an injury, and Ashton Hagans wasn't effective with a leg injury.

Hagans is better physically, but others are banged up, according to Calipari.

Montgomery may not be available for another week. One byproduct of Montgomery being out is practice numbers are thrown off, which is a problem for UK right now.

"We're doing a lot of 4-on-4 stuff, which we can get by with," Calipari said.

Another area that needs work is offensive rebounding, which Calipari doesn't like at all. It has been a point of emphasis in practice, post-Evansville.

"You have to get offensive rebounds on some possessions --free baskets -- or it's going to be hard to win," Calipari said. UK is the worst Power 5 team in offensive rebounding, according to Calipari.

The UK coach thinks the team may come out tentative against Utah Valley, much like the Wildcats ended the Evansville game.

"You'll have the dregs of the last game," Calipari said.

Freshman guard Johnny Juzang thought the team would be ready to get another game in.

"It's been like a week, so we've had a long time to just sit on it," Juzang said.

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