Stiles West has had a busy, and successful, summer of ATV racing.

West won the 2019 AMA ATV 70 Automatic national championship with points he had accumulated in various state championship races throughout the summer.

He had won six state championships, wrapping up the national crown a few weeks back in New York. West also ran at Redbud in Michigan and at Loretta Lynn's Ranch race to finish the national circuit part of his summer.

"A lot of kids don't run the full national series, but for Loretta's, every single kid who races at ATV comes to Loretta's," said Todd West, Stiles' dad.

Loretta's was held in such high regard by Stiles when he was younger that he used to think winning there was better than being national champion.

"But now I think he realizes how big winning the national championship is," Todd said.

Stiles swept two moto races in his main class, the 70 automatic, at Loretta's.

"It felt good, I've been working for it for a while, it was good to be the champ," Stiles said of his national championship win. "I think winning the championship is better now. You get your name in the books. Loretta is the biggest race of the year, but winning a championship is more important to me."

That championship capped off a summer that impressed Todd and the rest of the family. Winning six state championships was by far the best Stiles had done in his ATV career.

"I think he grew, got more weight on him, you don't want too much, but in his case I think it was muscle," Todd said. "He's always been a fast kid, but it seemed like he came into his own, he could control the bike more, he could make the bike do what he wanted it to do."

Todd had talked to Stiles before the season began about when he moved up to 70 class, the competition would be much tougher.

"There's nine of you (racers) who can win the race, this might not be your year to win races," Todd said.

Then Stiles won races in Texas and the Ironman in Indiana.

"It looked like he propelled up three or four levels," Todd said. "He really blew my mind, we knew he would be competitive, and after the first race we said 'he's ready to do some racing.' "

Stiles won six races and scored the maximum of 150 points in the 70 automatic. Stiles won state championships in Texas, Illinois, Tennessee, New York, Indiana and Kentucky.

"Before the season I rode some and practiced," Stiles said. "I went to Texas and went strong in that race. After that I was like 'this is the deal' I put my mind into it, rode and trained."

He had tough luck in some of the other of four total classes Stiles runs in.

"He had a lot of bad luck in other classes, but not so much in his main class," Todd said.

Stiles has started fifth grade and he will be in a couple of bigger events in the South during the fall.

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