Pickleball Courts

Cathy Franey, left, and Pat Adams play a game of pickleball Thursday on the all-new pickleball courts at Owensboro’s York Park. The park has four courts which were converted from one tennis court.

Win-win situations are always good for any community, and this appears to be the case concerning the all-new pickleball courts at Owensboro’s York Park.

The two-acre park, acquired in 1949, previously had one tennis court, but due its proximity to the relatively new Owensboro Tennis Complex, it was converted into four pickleball courts.

Many of the parks owned by the city are focused on specific sports, exercises and activities, such as baseball, tennis, soccer, golf, skateboarding and the like.

Now, add pickleball to that list, through a partnership with the city and the River City Pickleball Club, which expressed its desire to have an outdoor location in the spring of 2019.

“The city is very supportive of groups who have a desire to support their passion,” said Amanda Rogers, Parks & Recreation director for the City of Owensboro, “including groups like RCPC who come to the table with a willingness to help work and fund the plan.

“Growing recreational amenities in our community through partnership, and not 100% tax monies, is a true win for our citizens.

“RCPC has been an amazing group to work with. They have big plans to help share the sport with our citizens and offer programming to help others grow a love for the game.”

Since early 2019, the RCPC worked to raise funds to pay for half of the costs for the work to renovate the York Park location. RCPS is described as a local association composed primarily of citizens of the city who enjoy playing pickleball for sport, health and fitness.

Last fall, the Owensboro City Commission blessed the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement between the city and RCPC that lined out the details of the creation of the outdoor amenity and the financial partnership to fund the renovation.

“River City Pickleball Club is excited and proud, through its collaboration with the City of Owensboro, to bring the first outdoor pickle ball courts to our community,” said Paula Hayden, president of RCPC. “This facility at York Park will allow our club to bring to all in our area four state-of-the-art courts dedicated to the fastest growing sport in the USA.

Hayden described pickleball as a paddleball sport that combines elements of tennis, badminton and table tennis that can be played by two or four players with solid paddles using a perforated polymer ball.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony at York Park that unveiled the new courts was held on June 29.

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