Running plans

From left, Jeremy Kincaid, Nathan Kunze and Shelby Greenlee make their way along the Adkisson Greenbelt near J. R. Miller Boulevard as they compete in last year’s Wendell Foster Half Marathon.

A couple of running events were recently postponed, and that left a bit of a racing gap for competitors who would have been in them.

The Wendell Foster Half-Marathon was scheduled for March 14, but was postponed until November 14 because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Puzzle Pieces Color Blast 5K, more of a fun run event, was also scheduled for March 21 but was postponed.

Considering how late the half-marathon was postponed in relation to the race date, there wasn’t a chance for competitors to alter their training schedules.

“Beforehand I did everything the same,” said Sydney Settle, a former high school runner at Daviess County High School who is still active in road racing. “Since it was two days before, there wasn’t anything to do differently.

“We still met that Saturday to run the course. It was good to get in a long run, and have some people to do that with. Obviously (postponing) that was the right decision. It was alright, but it was a letdown after training for awhile.”

Settle had been training with DC cross country coach Mark Fortney. Settle is also an assistant coach with the program.

“She was really fit and ready to race fast,” Fortney said.

This was the second time Settle was going in the half-marathon.

“It’s a pretty fast course,” Settle said. “It starts and finishes at Smothers Park. It’s a nice course, about as flat as you can find.”

Settle was looking to run the 13.2 miles in 1 hour, 24 minutes or in that range.

“My training was going really well, I was in that kind of shape for sure,” Settle said. “I was really excited to see what I could run, I thought I would run my best time. I felt good going into it, I was ready for it.”

Settle thought her workouts had put her on a good path to run fast, and she was pleased to still be able to get a lot of good training in during the last few months.

“Hopefully we will find another race, but it may not be until November,” Settle said. “I enjoy the training part of it just as much. It was a good couple of months of training.”

Jordan Leach was also going to be in the half marathon, and he helped with the event last year. Leach is an assistant coach DC football puts together some strength-conditioning plans for other sports at the school.

“I didn’t race last year, needed something on the spring schedule,” Leach said. “There was a group, about four or five, were going to try and run something.”

Leach was also glad to get some additional training in for an event.

“There are always other goals,” Leach said.

Settle has slowed down some, as a runner would normally do after a long race, but she is still getting some miles in.

“I took a few days where I backed off quite a bit,” Settle said. “I’ve still been running quite a bit, the quantity is still there but I’ve backed off the speed. There are some unknowns, I don’t know when I will be racing again. It could be June or it could be the fall. Right now I’m just running easy miles.”

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